Developing and applying
insights technology
supported by
expert consulting

Market research and Technology Solutions

The Evolved Group is a group of businesses dedicated to helping our clients achieve market success through a unique combination of market insights consulting, powerful enabling technology and strategic advisory.

We believe

The art of giving customers a voice is making customers feel like what they say matters… and then making it matter

How we do it?

Developing and applying technology supported by expert consulting to listen and understand people so our clients can deliver outstanding human experiences, creating a sustainable competitive advantage

Our Solutions

Real time human insights that empower your business

HumanListening™ is the most complete insights and knowledge management platform available. Through a central portal it enables your business to listen to your market, your customers and employees.

The HumanListening™ platform gives you access to a growing library of 15 applications that allow you to address any insights function. It is a full SAAS solution that grows with your program and your business.

A workplace engagement platform that delivers benefits across the full job lifecycle.

PeopleListening™ drives higher engagement and makes your workplace happier and healthier.

We can truly listen to what employees have to say by allowing them to say what they want in an open-ended and unstructured way.  We engage with them as they are engaging with us, using smart ‘discussion’ technology. Their open-ended feedback is categorized at scale by into prevalent themes and topics on the minds of your employees driving real insights and strategy to drive higher engagement.

Partnering with our clients to bring their insights strategy to life

Evolve is a full service market and social research consulting  agency that specialises in helping organisations understand markets and consumer behaviour, identify opportunities and optimise experiences.

We work across industry sectors including finance, technology, media, healthcare, retail and education.

Our services include market segmentation, consumer and market insights, pricing optimisation, concept testing and market entry strategies.

Evolved Web Development

From Concept to Completion

The pace of technology continues to grow and for any business, just standing still means falling behind.

Evolved Web Development’s skill is to take your ideas and create elegant and simple web based technology solutions to power your business.

We work with major corporates to design and deliver, from concept to completion, web based applications to power all business processes including process automation, analytical reporting, customer facing sites and applications.

Evolved Communities

Enabling engagement. Empowering action.

Evolved Communities is a unique online platform that lowers the cost of insights and brings your audiences’ voice to the table on everyday decision making. 

Evolved Communities facilitates two-way dialogue with your audience, to increase their engagement and deepen their relationship with your organisation. 

Our platform is richly featured and highly integrated, providing a cost-effective platform to use for research, insights management and ongoing customer engagement.

The Evolved Communities team are experts in managing high engagement communities with industry-leading response rates and retention rates. The team works proactively with you to develop a content plan which ensures regular delivery of interesting and topical content, designed to maintain interest and produce high quality member contributions.

Our tailored, industry listening solutions

The Evolved Group has worked with some of Australia and the world’s leading organisations, developing industry specific insights programs that make a real difference to business outcomes.

Our team understands market research and insights technology and we have used this expertise to bring together a range of complete – and cost effective – out of the box solutions to manage specific industry research programs end-to-end.

Solutions available include Superfund Listening and Retail Listening